Aspire! is photography - beautiful portraiture that glorifies human beings, both in body and spirit. But it is much more. By combining photography with dance-inspired movement, visual imagery, and concepts tailored to the needs of each individual, our patrons are able to affirm the good of the present, explore possible dreams for the future, and if they choose, find a new way to heal the past.
Aspire! is primarily for angels. It is for angels who wish to explore what it is like to be a god or goddess, or for angels who find that they have a bit of the devil in them. It is for angels who exalt in their glorious flight above the clouds or for angels with broken wings. Fallen angels are some of our favorite clients, as are the tiny angels who have just been created. We love creation, so we are especially happy to work with male and female angels who are experiencing the act of creation through pregnancy. No matter what kind of angel you are, or even if you have no concept of yourself as an angel, you will fit right in.
You will become not just part of a comfortable and nurturing creative process, you will be part of our creative team. Together, we will begin with the art that exists within you. It is totally unnecessary that you know what that art is or how to access it. If you do know, so much the better. In any event, by the time you view the completed creation, you will think, feel, and see yourself as a work of art. And you will have the pictures to prove it.

Dance? Donít worry about it. If it works as well for an eight and a half month pregnant woman as it does for a professional dancer (and it has) it will work for you.

For the adult clients who chose to take full advantage of what we have to offer, nudity is most often an essential part of both the experience and the art. Our clients have found that it is a perfect way to get in touch with the primal essence that defines each one of us. But if you think that might be a bit too much for you, or you even feel down right frightened, donít let that stop you from contacting us. Imagine just how delicately we must treat each client. If you approach what we offer with an open heart and mind, we will be more than happy to meet you half way. We will design an experience that will respect your personal boundaries.
If you wish to have your family benefit from participating in the creative process with us, or to help your teenager enter adult life with the sure knowledge that they are also a work of art, we offer age-appropriate family and child sessions. In addition, we also offer a range of more traditional portraiture. Please refer to our list of services or visit

We look foreword to meeting you.

Jim Guzel & Tiffiny Wolins