Have you enjoyed the images on this website? Do you like the graphics and design? If you do, then that is the some of the best information I can give you about myself. It's the first website that I've ever designed and all of the photography is my work, except for the portraits of me. Me - I'm Jim Guzel, the other half of the Aspire! dynamic duo. I'm the irreverent half, if you haven't already figured that out.

Not that I don't have reverence. I revere feminine beauty and I don't mean just the physical part of that beauty, either. I'm talking about the emotional part, too. I've had the artistic appreciation for the beauty of women for as long as I can remember. I've always been an artist. But attaining the reverence - that necessitated a major league learning experience. It's what I learned from this experience that best qualifies me to do what we do at Aspire! And it's not the sort of thing that translates directly from degrees, certifications or art shows.

A story: When I was finishing college, my girlfriend at first planned to buy me a good camera as a graduation present. But as a gift, I guess it didn't express the full range of her impetuous spirit as both an artist and a lover. So she bought me an Irish Setter instead. Consequently the onset of my career as a photographer was delayed by about twenty years - caused by the lack of a camera, not the Irish Setter. In retrospect, this was a good thing. I guess I could have bought a camera. Surely with all the visual arts training I had, I would have been able to create beautiful photographs, even back then. But I don't believe that I would have been able to create beautiful portraits. By my definition, portraits are about the people in the photographs and what is beautiful and uniquely wonderful about them. I needed the intervening twenty years to learn more about people before I got my hands on that camera. And that's the way it worked out.

I did learn. And once I also began to learn the craft of photography, I quickly realized that people looked their best when they felt their best. I used what I had learned about people to create an emotional space in front of my camera for those "best feelings" to exist. I learned how to nurture those feelings and suddenly my photographs truly became portraits of beauty. I began to attract clients, women in particular, who wanted to "feel" their beauty, the glory of all things feminine that resided within them. I found that most of these women wanted not just a portrait, but an experience. Everything began to come together and my photography studio, Aphrodite Photography, came into being. And I met Tiffiny.

Photographers speak of the fact that the viewfinder in the camera seems to glow when a truly fabulous image comes together. In Tiffiny's first session, my viewfinder went positively radioactive. The studio was inundated with emotion and intensity. Tiffiny used her mastery of dance to wring every drop of energy out of herself that she could and pour her beauty fluidly forth into the universe. And the art of her movement blended seamlessly with the art that I had learned to create with my camera. I was almost speechless then and I still lack most of the words to describe it today. But I know a good thing when I see it. Wow! It begged the question: "What could we do for a client if we worked together?" And Aspire! was conceived.

How well does all this qualify me to photograph you? I don't know. But what I do know is that every single Aspire! client to date, in spite of starting out feeling somewhere between a little apprehensive and almost scared to death, has agreed to allow their favorite images of themselves to be displayed in our studio, in an art exhibit, or on our website. It's not a prerequisite by any means, and it was never an objective for any of them. Yet, after viewing the results of their session, every single adult client has felt confident enough to allow themselves, in the form of their portraits, to stand gloriously naked before the world, with only the glow of their beauty to adorn them. How cool is that? Personally, I take it as the greatest compliment our clients can give us. I sincerely believe we can bring the same level of results into being for you and I look forward to doing exactly that. I invite you to Aspire!

Jim Guzel